One 10-piece BIC EasyRinse Sensitive Anti-Clogging, Refillable Women' Razor kit with 1 handle and 9 cartridges clinically proven for sensitive skin
Each pack contains up to 153 shaves so you can get the most out of your razors* *Avg Shave Frequency women 2x/week
Breakthrough anti-clogging blade technology results in up to 60 percent less time rinsing** and up to 25 percent less strokes needed*** **Vs. BIC Flex 3. ***Vs. BIC Flex 5
Clinically proven for sensitive skin, these razors have four longer-lasting* blades for a close and comfortable shave *Vs. BIC Sensitive
Shaver for women with pivoting head, plus dual moisture strips infused with aloe vera, shea and cocoa butter

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